Silver Bullet is our upcoming gothic arcade shooter, inspired by Wild Guns and The House of the Dead.

Blast your way through spooky stages and macabre mini games as Van Helsing, to rescue your pet pups who were dognapped by Dracula and his minions!

Van Helsing's journey will take him to haunted sites around the world, each with a fearsome guardian to defeat.

They'd better watch out: armed with 4 unique weapons and his trusty familiar spirit, Bullit the Hellhound, Van Helsing is a force to be reckoned with!

Mystic Mansion

A creepy old house? I ain't afraid of no ghost! Especially not with an enchanted machine gun.

Haunted Halls

Inside, the building seems to have a bit of a bug problem - and they're too big for normal pest control!

Ghost Train

All aboard the ghost train! Just be prepared to deal with the conductor if you don't buy a ticket...